Gold Cup Snapback Skateboard Complete

Gold Cup Snapback Skateboard Complete

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Featuring the classic CNC cut dual channel design, Snapback is a perfectly all around skateboard, excellent for anything from surfing the sidewalks to carving pool walls. Add in the turning ability of Skate City Trucks and color matched 84 duro Satellite wheels and you have a proper concrete cruising machine.

• 29.25″ X 8″
• North American Made 8-Ply deck with CNC machined dual channels and decal insets
• Skate City 445 Trucks
• 1/2″ red riser pads
• 64mm Satellite wheels 84a (color coded) fitted with precision bearings
• Gold Cup chrome-dome hardware
• Die cut Mob Grip tape with double insert decals

Designed by Lance Mountain.

Made in USA

Available in two colors