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Weekend Missions, 100K & Off To The Wild

January 16th, 2011      Comments Off on Weekend Missions, 100K & Off To The Wild    Posted in News

Check out some photos Arto shot of a recent skate mission with Louie and Ewan in North LA, the road to Zumiez 100K and Geoff preparing to go off into the wild… BEAST!! More Arto photo blog posts coming soon…

Zumiez 100K Photos

January 14th, 2011      Comments Off on Zumiez 100K Photos    Posted in News

We went to Keystone, CO for Zumiez 100K and all we came back with are these lousy photos… Just kidding. But seriously, the photos don’t even tell half of the story! Sub zero temperatures, slippery roads, sketchy diners and ONE HELL OF A RIPPING PARTY!! Thanks to Zumiez for the epic memories and we’ll see you again next year.