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Arto’s Pool Party Video

September 16th, 2011      Comments Off on Arto’s Pool Party Video    Posted in News

Transworld posted a video of an epic pool session from Arto’s house a few weeks back. The backyard bash went off complete with a barbecue and lights, late into the night. Who showed up was a legendary line up of concrete tranny skaters from past to present: Lance, Hosoi, Eric Dressen, Louie, Langi, Caballero and more…

SUPRA 2011 European Tour Video

September 8th, 2011      Comments Off on SUPRA 2011 European Tour Video    Posted in News

SUPRA went on tour this summer to Europe with Penny, Boulala and the rest of the SUPRA crew. This tour marked the first time that every SUPRA team member was in the same place at the same time. Killing it in 5 countries! Enjoy…

Flip Summer of Hell!

September 8th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip Summer of Hell!    Posted in Productions

Featuring the Flip team and special appearances by Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Motorhead and Doug E Fresh. Basically a re-cap of this year’s summer. From contests to backyard pool sessions, girls doing backflips, blasting tunes in the team van, Lance Mountain boardsliding 9 stair handrails, and more…

This video was made possible by my iPhone and shitty editing. En’Fuckin’Joy…

Arto’s Pool Video

September 6th, 2011      Comments Off on Arto’s Pool Video    Posted in News

Check out this clip of Arto’s pool. From birth to the present, the pool has hosted everyone from Lance, Cab and Hosoi to Ben Nordberg, Dylan Reider and Langi. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for more jams from the Saari pool…

Arto’s Pool from Gravis Footwear on Vimeo.

Louie Lopez Trickipedia

July 26th, 2011      Comments Off on Louie Lopez Trickipedia    Posted in News

Click Here to watch.

Text Yoself with Luan

May 19th, 2011      Comments Off on Text Yoself with Luan    Posted in News

Text Yoself Beefo Yo Wreck Yoself with Luan.

Battle Royale

May 18th, 2011      Comments Off on Battle Royale    Posted in Productions

Enjoy the video and check out the photos Arto shot at the Battle Bowl.

Luan Oliveira Trickipedia

March 8th, 2011      Comments Off on Luan Oliveira Trickipedia    Posted in News

Luan throws down a mean switch fs 360. Executed on flat or down stairs, doesn’t matter. Mr. Oliveira has them on lock! Click Here to watch…