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Lance Mountain TWS 30th Anniversary Interview

May 31st, 2012      Comments Off on Lance Mountain TWS 30th Anniversary Interview    Posted in News

Arto Epicly Later’d Episode

May 10th, 2012      Comments Off on Arto Epicly Later’d Episode    Posted in News

Flip “Classics” Video – Madness

April 10th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip “Classics” Video – Madness    Posted in Productions

This video was filmed and edited by Fred Mortagne during the making of “Sorry.” Enjoy the physical and mental torture behind filming a major skateboard video…

Rowley TWS Interview Part 2

April 5th, 2012      Comments Off on Rowley TWS Interview Part 2    Posted in News

A few months ago Transworld released their 30th anniversary issue, showcasing the 30 most influential skaters of all time. Geoff was voted #26 on TWS’ list (read the interview here). Recently they’ve been releasing the video interviews they shot with all 30 skaters. Here’s the second part of Geoff’s interview.

David Gonzalez 6 Pack: Tampa Edition

March 28th, 2012      Comments Off on David Gonzalez 6 Pack: Tampa Edition    Posted in News

Straight Skating: Louie Lopez

March 9th, 2012      Comments Off on Straight Skating: Louie Lopez    Posted in News

“Disorganized Fun” Premieres Friday @7:30PM

March 8th, 2012      Comments Off on “Disorganized Fun” Premieres Friday @7:30PM    Posted in News

“Disorganized Fun” featuring Louie Lopez and the homies premieres this Friday @ 7:30pm in Hermosa Beach, CA. Check out the trailer and flyer for more info.

Oscar Meza Wins Berrics Best Trick Contest!

March 5th, 2012      Comments Off on Oscar Meza Wins Berrics Best Trick Contest!    Posted in News

Congratulations Oscar!! Check out the contest footage from this weekend’s Berrics “Skateboarding Gives Back” Best Trick event.

Tom Penny “Classics” Video

March 5th, 2012      Comments Off on Tom Penny “Classics” Video    Posted in Productions

Check out this park footage of Tom that was filmed by Theo Hand and French Fred and edited by Fred during the making of “Sorry.” Also, Click Here to check out Tom’s new “Shroomable” board.

Louie Lopez “Firing Line”

February 27th, 2012      Comments Off on Louie Lopez “Firing Line”    Posted in News

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Check out Louie’s part in the upcoming video “Disorganized Fun.”