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Burnout in Copenhagen

July 8th, 2011      Comments Off on Burnout in Copenhagen    Posted in News

Thrasher brings us some of CPH Pro’s finest moments through the world of Burnout… Where everybody’s a winner! Penny, Boulala, David, Luan and the rest of the gang were stoked. Thanks Burnett! Check out the rest of the photos here.

Flip Euro Tour: Part 8

July 6th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip Euro Tour: Part 8    Posted in News

Summer festival season is here! Party on! Woooohhhhh!! After Luan took home 1st place at CPH Pro the crew headed over to the Roskilde festival to do a demo…The pictures and radical vibes you see below (plus all the Euro tour pics!) are all courtesy of Mr. Arto Saari and his crafty lens work.
Stay tuned in the next few days for the last 2 tour updates and photos from Germany….Uber alles!

Old Penny Footage

June 20th, 2011      Comments Off on Old Penny Footage    Posted in News

Theo Hand and the good folks at Thrasher posted up some unedited and unseen footage of Tom that was originally for Thrasher’s “Skate Destroy” video. Big ups to P-Stone for diggin through the archives! Click Here to watch or see below…

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Tom Penny “Firing Line”

June 14th, 2011      Comments Off on Tom Penny “Firing Line”    Posted in News

Winkle recently sent over a line of Penny from Europe to Thrasher’s “Firing Line.” Tom has been on a mission in Spain, Copenhagen and other Euro hot spots, so stay tuned for more classic Penny footy…

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Thrasher Skatepark Round-up with CCS

May 11th, 2011      Comments Off on Thrasher Skatepark Round-up with CCS    Posted in News

Thrasher came down to LA to meet up with the CCS team and skate a couple parks and Arto’s backyard pool. Watch Arto, David and the rest of the CCS team unleash the skate beast! Featuring special guests: Lance, Luan and Ben Nordberg. Enjoy…

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Thrasher 30th Anniversary.

May 8th, 2011      Comments Off on Thrasher 30th Anniversary.    Posted in News

Thrasher 30th Anniversary party was nuts! So much fun was had at the 48 hr. shindig at the Thrasher HQ, Love and guts art show, mini-ramp session on a barge and the everybody headed into the Giants stadium for the final shebang, 135 skaters all at an SF Giants game together courtesy of the loonies at Thrasher! Thanks to Phelper, Burnett and the Vitello family for a top-knotch weekend and Vans for supporting the event.

Respect the Mag! So much history.


Arto camped on the way up and ate Lion meat on the grill….no joke!

Ben Nordberg is on the cutting edge of fashion.

As is the Danish Destroyer. Hola Pinky!

This needs to be on a Thrasher t-shirt! Mark Gonzales started street skating as we know it.

The best frontside ollie in the business. Jason Jessee is a fucking badass!

Jeff Phillips shot by Mofo(Mofo sang the vocals on Lance’s part for Extremely Sorry!)look at this damn picture…Mofo magic.

10 ft. high at Del Mar, Saran wrap with his eyes closed, probably 14 years old. There is only one D.Way!

Back to fashion! Nordberg lights the way.

I am on a boat motherfucker!

Ladies beware! Nordberg’s hair is a model magnet….

Rune takes it straight to level 11, Madonna to tail whilst Nordberg checks his hair.

Rune! Rune! Rune! the crowd goes wild for the Danish destruction.

Langi’s board was the first in the water, after he ripped the hell out of the damn barge ramp!

Omar Hassan is rad! 540 off the corner of the ramp into the freezing cold water. Somebody had to do it!

Yeah Omar!

Cab to noseblunt revert! The man of intense fashion turns up the dial! In yo’ face Phelper.

Schmitty say’s “Fuck Yeah!” to the shut down!

30 knots of speed, one smoke, one blunt and the SF Skyline….Priceless.

Stay tuned for more fashion updates.

Down for life.

New Lance Flip ad in Thrasher

May 6th, 2011      Comments Off on New Lance Flip ad in Thrasher    Posted in News

Check out Lance’s new Flip ad in the June 2011 issue of Thrasher. This still is a gnarly alley-oop over the ladder sequence that’s featured in the mag. Get your copy today and support the mags! Lance’s P2 model is Available Now.

Burnout with the Flip Posse

April 17th, 2011      Comments Off on Burnout with the Flip Posse    Posted in News

“Near-misses, scraps and outright oversights.” Check Out the rest of the photos. Happy 420!

Luan Oliveira P2 Swirls ad

March 30th, 2011      Comments Off on Luan Oliveira P2 Swirls ad    Posted in News

Check out Luan’s latest ad in the new issue of Thrasher. P2 Swirls series is Available Now at the NHS Fun Factory. Stay tuned for Luan’s next BATB IV match vs. PJ Ladd…