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Tom Penny at The DC Embassy

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Tom Penny at The DC Embassy    Posted in News

Tom stopped by The DC Embassy for the final session of 2012. We’ll let the skating do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

Tom Penny from THE DC EMBASSY on Vimeo.

Free Lunch with David Gonzalez

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Free Lunch with David Gonzalez    Posted in News

Tune in to a Free Lunch with the 2012 SOTY, David Gonzalez! David talks about his favorite SOTY, a gift from Bam Margera, and taxi cab murders!

Juxtapoz x Lance Mountain x Matthew Barney

January 10th, 2013      Comments Off on Juxtapoz x Lance Mountain x Matthew Barney    Posted in News

Juxtapoz just posted a cool article with videos of Lance Mountain working with Matthew Barney on an art project in Detroit at the Ride It Sculpture Skate Park. Check out the artistic board design and see what Lance has to say!
Click HERE to watch!
Lance Barney Board

Curren Caples New Jack

December 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Curren Caples New Jack    Posted in News

Curren Caples has an awesome New Jack in issue #106 of The Skateboard Mag. Check it out on newsstands now. They also got a little session in with him over at Arto’s place recently. Check it out HERE!


Get Set Up With David

December 17th, 2012      Comments Off on Get Set Up With David    Posted in News

In this special Skater Of The Year edition of Get Set Up, none other than the 2012 SOTY himself, David Gonzalez, breaks down the components of his ride. Of course, David is rolling on his new Thrasher X Flip collab deck paired with some Indy’s and set of 53 or 54 mm Ricta Wheels. If this is the set up that helped take David to SOTY status, you should probably look into getting some of this gear for your own set up. Now go GET SET UP!

Who’s Hot: Alec Majerus

December 14th, 2012      Comments Off on Who’s Hot: Alec Majerus    Posted in News

Alec Majeurs just placed 1st at this year’s Tampa Am. He can skate contests with confidence and can also throw down in the streets. After having back-to-back ankle surgery, Alec still continues to push his skateboarding limits. Check out what Geoff has to say about Alec in Skateboarder Magazine‘s Who’s Hot Video.
Click HERE

“The Tuesday 25” with Louie Lopez

March 13th, 2012      Comments Off on “The Tuesday 25” with Louie Lopez    Posted in News

Click Here to find out Louie’s favorites, secrets, master plans, epic music selections and more on this edition of Skateboarder’s “The Tuesday 25.”

Lance Mountain Appreciation

February 13th, 2012      Comments Off on Lance Mountain Appreciation    Posted in News

Skateboarder said thank you to Lance by posting an appreciation blog on their website. As said by Christian Senrud from Skateboarder, Lance was the guy who was always there to remind us that we’re riding toys and toys are meant to be fun. Enjoy…

Skateboarder’s Sunset Rampage Contest

September 26th, 2011      Comments Off on Skateboarder’s Sunset Rampage Contest    Posted in News

Last Thursday Skateboarder had their 2nd annual Sunset Rampage mini ramp jam at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Pre-contest warm up session kicked off at Arto’s pool and then moved to the poolside mini ramp with Langi, Nordberg, Curren, Louie and loads of homies. All the dudes ripped and with Arto on the mic, $5,000 prize money in cash, free food and booze for all the jam went quick! Looking forward to next year and Click Here to check out the rest of the photos and see below for the video. Part 2 coming soon…

Skateboarder Magazine’s Sunset Rampage 2 Presented by Analog & Gravis from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.