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Luan Firing Line

May 15th, 2013      Comments Off on Luan Firing Line    Posted in News

Give Luan a perfect natural plaza and any line could go down. Check this latest firing line HERE

Luan Firing Line SS Tre


World’s Best Brunch- David

April 30th, 2013      Comments Off on World’s Best Brunch- David    Posted in News

Jimmy Arrighi (World’s Best Dad) sets the table for Thrasher’s new interview program – World’s Best Brunch. In this first episode he sits down with Skater of the Year, David, to talk pee bottles, Johnny’s boner, cool headbands and much, much more. Bon Appetit!
Watch HERE

David World's Best Brunch


This is Matt Berger

April 11th, 2013      Comments Off on This is Matt Berger    Posted in News

Matt Berger, hailing from Kamloops BC, recently made the move to Vancouver. Constantly on a mission, Monster Energy caught up with Matt at Vancouver’s Plaza Skatepark to get the breakdown on his recent exploits. Filmed in the streets of Toronto and Vancouver!

Q & Skate with David

April 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Q & Skate with David    Posted in News

David answers some questions about music, slams, and SOTY. Check out his responses along with some skating at Houghton Skatepark in Long Beach, CA.

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Berger Takes 5th in Finals and Wins Best Trick @ PHX AM

April 9th, 2013      Comments Off on Berger Takes 5th in Finals and Wins Best Trick @ PHX AM    Posted in News

Congratulations to Matt Berger for getting 5th place at this years Phoenix Am!

He also managed to win best trick with a FS Hurricane Kickflip to Fakie!

Check out the results HERE

More videos and photos HERE





Gonzalez Hall of Meat

April 4th, 2013      Comments Off on Gonzalez Hall of Meat    Posted in News

This slam would have broken the arm for most people. David’s either made of rubber, from another planet, or just plain tough as nails. Check out his Hall of Meat.
Click HERE

Hall of Meat David


A Day at David’s

February 8th, 2013      Comments Off on A Day at David’s    Posted in News

Check out this backyard half pipe edit of David and his friends!

SPoT “20” Year Experience with Lance

February 8th, 2013      Comments Off on SPoT “20” Year Experience with Lance    Posted in News

Lance reflects on the early days of the Skate Park of Tampa on Ride Channel’s SPoT “20” Year Experience. Lord of the Flies, kids in the back of a trunk, and U-Hauls all on this episode!

Fairly Normal with Ben Nordberg

January 24th, 2013      Comments Off on Fairly Normal with Ben Nordberg    Posted in News

Vote for Flip and Ben Nordberg

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Vote for Flip and Ben Nordberg    Posted in News
Vote for Flip’s “Weight Of The World” video for best team video of 2012 at Just click on the link below and “Like” the “Weight of the World” on Facebook. Thanks Facebook fans!
Vote Weight of the World
Also vote for Ben Nordberg‘s Flip video part for the Caught In The Crossfire video part of the year award. Click on the link below to vote for Ben’s video part. All you have to do is “Like” at the bottom under the video to vote. Thanks again fans!
Vote Ben video