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Who’s Hot: Alec Majerus

December 14th, 2012      Comments Off on Who’s Hot: Alec Majerus    Posted in News

Alec Majeurs just placed 1st at this year’s Tampa Am. He can skate contests with confidence and can also throw down in the streets. After having back-to-back ankle surgery, Alec still continues to push his skateboarding limits. Check out what Geoff has to say about Alec in Skateboarder Magazine‘s Who’s Hot Video.
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“Straight to the Internet” with Oscar Meza

February 22nd, 2012      Comments Off on “Straight to the Internet” with Oscar Meza    Posted in News

Oscar, Curren, Louie, Geoff and Matt Berger shut it down in this episode of’s “Straight to the Internet.”

Curren Caples Birthday Videos

January 9th, 2012      Comments Off on Curren Caples Birthday Videos    Posted in News

Vans and Hurley posted some new videos of Curren videos to celebrate his big step into manhood. From California to Hawaii’s North Shore, Curren gets gnar and takes no prisoners. Happy 16th birthday Curren! See videos below Click Here to check out photos of Curren’s party at the Vans Skatepark last Friday.