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Arto’s New Photo Website

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Arto’s New Photo Website    Posted in News

Arto just stepped up his photo game with this new website that features the ‘best of the best’ of his very epic photography. Congrats Arto! CLICK HERE to check out

PHOTO: Kristina Patterson

Tom Penny at The DC Embassy

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Tom Penny at The DC Embassy    Posted in News

Tom stopped by The DC Embassy for the final session of 2012. We’ll let the skating do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

Tom Penny from THE DC EMBASSY on Vimeo.

Free Lunch with David Gonzalez

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Free Lunch with David Gonzalez    Posted in News

Tune in to a Free Lunch with the 2012 SOTY, David Gonzalez! David talks about his favorite SOTY, a gift from Bam Margera, and taxi cab murders!

Juxtapoz x Lance Mountain x Matthew Barney

January 10th, 2013      Comments Off on Juxtapoz x Lance Mountain x Matthew Barney    Posted in News

Juxtapoz just posted a cool article with videos of Lance Mountain working with Matthew Barney on an art project in Detroit at the Ride It Sculpture Skate Park. Check out the artistic board design and see what Lance has to say!
Click HERE to watch!
Lance Barney Board

David Gonzalez SOTY 2012

December 26th, 2012      Comments Off on David Gonzalez SOTY 2012    Posted in News

Pride of Flip – David Gonzalez – SOTY 2012. In his own words “skateboarding is the only thing in this world that matters.” CLICK HERE to watch the Thrasher SOTY video.

Flip David SOTY Board
Like this board? Click HERE to see it on NHS Fun Factory!

Double Rock: Ben Nordberg

December 26th, 2012      Comments Off on Double Rock: Ben Nordberg    Posted in News

On the eve of the SOTY party, Ben Nordberg rolled through the Rock and unleashed some of his signature coping craze. Special guest appearances from Collin Provost and the SOTY himself, David Gonzalez!
Watch Ben tear up Double Rock, click HERE!

Bob Burnquist: SPoT 20 Year Experience

December 21st, 2012      Comments Off on Bob Burnquist: SPoT 20 Year Experience    Posted in News

Bob Burnquist is next up on SPoT’s 20 Year Experience. He discusses placing 2nd at more than six Tampa Pro vert contests, including the one just behind Tony Hawk’s win. Bob also shares his personal uncertainty when first seeing the loop, watching Peter Hewitt and Schaefer head to the hospital and finally making history when he landed the only switch loop ever accomplished!

Curren Caples New Jack

December 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Curren Caples New Jack    Posted in News

Curren Caples has an awesome New Jack in issue #106 of The Skateboard Mag. Check it out on newsstands now. They also got a little session in with him over at Arto’s place recently. Check it out HERE!


Flip x Relentless Tour: Ch. 3 Pavement

December 19th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip x Relentless Tour: Ch. 3 Pavement    Posted in News

Hard pavement, rugged streets – the ultimate proving grounds for any skateboarder; their canvas to get creative on. Tom, Luan, Ben, Louie and Curren leave plenty of marks in both Germany and the UK.

Burnout: SOTY 2012

December 17th, 2012      Comments Off on Burnout: SOTY 2012    Posted in News

Burnett brings the very best of the 2012 SOTY party weekend. For the rest of the photos, CLICK HERE. Congratulations Gonzo!!