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Flip x Relentless Energy Teaser

December 1st, 2012      Comments Off on Flip x Relentless Energy Teaser    Posted in News

This is what FLIP SKATEBOARDS and Relentless Energy did last summer in 3Chapters: Wood, Concrete and Pavement. On the road with Ben Nordberg, Curren Caples , Luan Oliveira, Louie Lopez, Tom Penny, Rune Glifberg and Lance Mountain in Germany and the UK. Watch out for more!
Check out the Relentless Energy Facebook Page to see the video!

Gonzo for SOTY

November 30th, 2012      Comments Off on Gonzo for SOTY    Posted in News

Thrasher Magazine’s Skater of the Year 2012 has been narrowed down to just 7 guys. Give David Gonzalez some support and go vote for him now! If you already voted in the 1st round, you can vote again now in the final round…


Uncut- Oscar Meza “Let It Ride” Slams and Outtakes

November 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Uncut- Oscar Meza “Let It Ride” Slams and Outtakes    Posted in News

If you’ve seen Oscar Meza in “Let It Ride”, you already know Oscar goes hard. Check out the raw and uncut outtakes of the best tricks. If you haven’t seen “Let It Ride”, click HERE to watch his full part. Filmed and edited by Tim Cisilino.

Ditch Day with Ben and Curren

November 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Ditch Day with Ben and Curren    Posted in News

Ben and Curren took a ditch day and went out to skate this skater-made half pipe and left with some rad photos. Photos courtesy of ARTOFOTO.

“Down Under Days” with Rune

November 20th, 2012      Comments Off on “Down Under Days” with Rune    Posted in News

Burn Unit Rune Glifberg trades a Scandinavian autumn for sunnier climates as he discovers Sydney’s finest skate bowls. Rune has remained at the top of his game for over 25 years and you’ll see why here. Filmed and edited by Su Young Choi.

A Burn PRODUCTION: “Down Under Days” With RUNE GLIFBERG from burn on Vimeo.

Ben Nordberg at Stoner Plaza

November 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Ben Nordberg at Stoner Plaza    Posted in News

Ben Nordberg skates with ease and definitely has the smooth style to go with it. Check out this quick clip of Ben owning Stoner Plaza. Filmed and edited by Tim Cisilino.

Ben Nordberg Stoner Park Edit 2012 from FLIP SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.

SOTY 2012

November 8th, 2012      Comments Off on SOTY 2012    Posted in News

It’s that special time of year again and Thrasher Mag needs your help choosing the 2012 Skater of the Year. So quit wastin’ time and get on Thrasher to go vote already!

Click on the trophy below!

Flip Instagram Web Profile

November 8th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip Instagram Web Profile    Posted in News

If you don’t have a smart phone or just want to cruise our Instagram, you’re in luck! Check out Flip’s Instagram web profile with tons of photos posted by the Flip crew. Enjoy.

Limited Lance SoCal Skateshop Boards

November 8th, 2012      Comments Off on Limited Lance SoCal Skateshop Boards    Posted in News

The summer of 1981 saw skateparks throughout California, and all over the states, closing one by one. At this time Lance Mountain and many others thought the golden age of skateboarding was over. It was during this time that due to the shrinking numbers of pros the upcoming Lakewood Pro contest at was turned into a Pro-Am event and Lance’s then sponsor, Variflex, told him they were giving him a pro graphic.

This graphic has been brought back after 30-31 years (but who’s counting?) as a very limited edition anniversary deck, made exclusively for SoCal Skateshop by Flip and is based one of the sketches and prototype graphics that Lance came up with and skated in his last Amateur contest at Lakewood.

In honor of this graphic these boards were hand-screened and are available in black and blue, measuring in at: 9″ x 32.5″

Available exclusively through SoCal Skateshop:

SoCal Skateshop


Mouly’s Ghetto Cam Flip Bowl Video

October 26th, 2012      Comments Off on Mouly’s Ghetto Cam Flip Bowl Video    Posted in Productions

Mouly’s ghetto cam captures some radical moves during last Saturday’s ‘crete session.