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Rune CPH PRO trailer

April 6th, 2011      Comments Off on Rune CPH PRO trailer    Posted in News

With the 5th annual Copenhagen PRO coming up June 23rd, Rune sat down to discuss the contest and what makes it so rad. Stay tuned for Arto’s CPH PRO interview and get ready for the only purely professional skateboard contests in Europe.

Flip “The West Side Story” Trailer

April 6th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip “The West Side Story” Trailer    Posted in Productions

Check out Flip “The West Side Story” on Fuel TV April 20th @ 5PM PT / 8PM ET. Featuring the entire Flip team and special guest, Duane Peters as “Corn Dog.”

Really Sorry on iTunes

April 5th, 2011      Comments Off on Really Sorry on iTunes    Posted in News

Flip is proud to announce the release of Really Sorry on iTunes for only $2.99! Really Sorry is the 2nd video in the Sorry trilogy, featuring: Geoff, Arto, Penny, Boulala, Rune and more… Click Here to check it out and if you don’t already own Extremely Sorry on iTunes, Download it here.

Rune Glifberg “720” Video Part

March 30th, 2011      Comments Off on Rune Glifberg “720” Video Part    Posted in Productions

Check out Rune’s part in the Rollersnakes video “720” from 1992. Stay tuned for Geoff’s 720 part… Also, make sure and Check Out the Flip Reissue graphics that just came out. Inspired by some of the most infamous graphics from the mid-late 1990’s.

[jwplayer config=”Flip (500X375)” mediaid=”1892″]

Tom Penny “720” Video Part

March 17th, 2011      Comments Off on Tom Penny “720” Video Part    Posted in Productions

Check out Tom’s mini ramp part in the Rollersnakes video “720” from 1992. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for Geoff and Rune’s 720 parts…
[jwplayer config=”Flip (500X375)” mediaid=”1859″]

Bondi or Die!

February 18th, 2011      Comments Off on Bondi or Die!    Posted in News

The boys are down under warming up for the Australian Bowl-A-Rama contest today. Rune, Bob, Langi and Curren are all in fine form and having a Bonzer time mate!

Click Here to tune into the LIVE webcast of the contest February 18th at 4pm PST/7PM EST.

Photos courtesy of Acosta and Rhino.

Rune Wins Volcom ISPO Mini-Ramp Contest

February 7th, 2011      Comments Off on Rune Wins Volcom ISPO Mini-Ramp Contest    Posted in News

Congratulations Rune!! Once again, the Danish Destroyer is killing it overseas. Rune took home 1st place today at the Volcom “Stoney Mountain” ISPO mini-ramp contest in Munich, Germany.

Zumiez 100K Photos

January 14th, 2011      Comments Off on Zumiez 100K Photos    Posted in News

We went to Keystone, CO for Zumiez 100K and all we came back with are these lousy photos… Just kidding. But seriously, the photos don’t even tell half of the story! Sub zero temperatures, slippery roads, sketchy diners and ONE HELL OF A RIPPING PARTY!! Thanks to Zumiez for the epic memories and we’ll see you again next year.

On The Road With Flip part 4

November 30th, 2010      Comments Off on On The Road With Flip part 4    Posted in News, Tour

Final days of the tour were the days of glory! We headed north to Sacramento with 2 skate days and a signing at Ground Zero and demo at B-Street Park (Watch the video our NHS homie Brad Oates made). Rain came back like a bitch on the weekend, but we managed to hit some street and then skated the Epic Skatepark in Sacto. Bowl bonanza, mini gap annihilation, sketchy TM and Bowman skate maneuvers, more fake birthday celebrations, street gangs and beyond… On the final day of the tour, after the B-Street demo, we all went for dinner and just when everyone thought the tour was over the best prank of all time was had!! This was retaliation against Luan and Andrew Langi for some poo pillow and bed piss attacks a week prior (Flip tour show coming soon). All in all the shit storm was fun as hell and the entire crew had a blast! Thanks to everyone that made it out to the signings and demos and stay tuned for next year’s carnage… Enjoy the photos and video.

Big thank you to the sponsors (Monster, Vans, Volcom, The Skateboard Mag, Fuel TV, SHRED & Chipotle) and all the shops that supported us on this tour.

On The Road With Flip part 3

November 25th, 2010      Comments Off on On The Road With Flip part 3    Posted in News, Tour

Next stop on the tour was the Zumiez signing in Visalia, CA. Hundreds of people showed up chanting “FLIP,” the mall security didn’t let people take photos in the mall (dicks as usual) and the crew had an epic time eating Apple Annie’s breakfast feast in the morning. After we left Visalia we headed north to Santa Cruz to visit NHS, raid the warehouse (thanks Jordan!) and have a signing at the Santa Cruz Boardroom. This was where the crowd chaos really got to high levels and the crew was fucking stoked! Hats off to the people of Santa Cruz. You guys kill it!! Andy Roy and Jason Jessee even had a chance to stop by and say what’s up. On Friday we made our way to Redwood City to skate Langi’s local skatepark. Rain was upon us, but luckily we got in a solid session before the storm hit and got to chow down on 100 Chipotle burritos while Flip flow rider, Auby Taylor tried bs tail kickflip out on the gnarly tranny wall. Big thanks to Zumiez, NHS and the Santa Cruz Boardroom. Stay tuned for part 4…