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SPoT “20” Year Experience with Lance

February 8th, 2013      Comments Off on SPoT “20” Year Experience with Lance    Posted in News

Lance reflects on the early days of the Skate Park of Tampa on Ride Channel’s SPoT “20” Year Experience. Lord of the Flies, kids in the back of a trunk, and U-Hauls all on this episode!

Free Lunch with David Gonzalez

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Free Lunch with David Gonzalez    Posted in News

Tune in to a Free Lunch with the 2012 SOTY, David Gonzalez! David talks about his favorite SOTY, a gift from Bam Margera, and taxi cab murders!

Bob Burnquist: SPoT 20 Year Experience

December 21st, 2012      Comments Off on Bob Burnquist: SPoT 20 Year Experience    Posted in News

Bob Burnquist is next up on SPoT’s 20 Year Experience. He discusses placing 2nd at more than six Tampa Pro vert contests, including the one just behind Tony Hawk’s win. Bob also shares his personal uncertainty when first seeing the loop, watching Peter Hewitt and Schaefer head to the hospital and finally making history when he landed the only switch loop ever accomplished!

Lance Mountain Free Lunch

September 27th, 2012      Comments Off on Lance Mountain Free Lunch    Posted in News

Lance had an interview with RIDE Channel and we found out some interesting facts. Hear some of Lance’s favorite stories like getting knocked out, hazing, ice guns, and The Chin Ramp.

Weekend Buzz with David and Louie

September 18th, 2012      Comments Off on Weekend Buzz with David and Louie    Posted in News

David & Louie stopped by RIDE Channel┬áto talk to Erica & Rob about David’s new Thrasher video part, Possessed to Skate, Extremely Sorry, drinking pee, injuries, David witnessing death in the womb, Christian Hosoi…

Matt Berger Wins Damn Am Canada

September 13th, 2012      Comments Off on Matt Berger Wins Damn Am Canada    Posted in News

Congratulations to Matt Berger for taking first place at the Damn Am, Canada. Matt will be heading straight to the semi finals of this years Tampa Am! Check out the footage brought to you by Ride Channel.

Flip Demo Video

August 24th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip Demo Video    Posted in News

Check out last week’s Flip Demo at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA. Featuring: Geoff, Arto, Lance, Curren, Louie, Alec & Oscar. Filmed & Edited by Tim Cisilino.