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Curren Caples New Jack

December 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Curren Caples New Jack    Posted in News

Curren Caples has an awesome New Jack in issue #106 of The Skateboard Mag. Check it out on newsstands now. They also got a little session in with him over at Arto’s place recently. Check it out HERE!


Arto’s New Job in Skateboarding

December 11th, 2012      Comments Off on Arto’s New Job in Skateboarding    Posted in News

Arto has been spending the last twelve years fine tuning his skills on his skateboard in front of the camera, but as of late he has found himself on the other side of the glass. Take a tour of his backyard skate wonderland while he photographs his teammates ripping and talks about his new love of photography in this segment taking you Inside Skate.

Curren and Jay Adams Pool Sesh

September 18th, 2012      Comments Off on Curren and Jay Adams Pool Sesh    Posted in News

Last week, What Youth interviewed Jay Adams and Curren Caples as they sessioned Arto’s backyard pool. Curren is like a modern Jay and has the same surf/skate talent that Jay had in the ’70s in Santa Monica. Check out their interview as they mess around in Arto’s pool and talk about surfing and skating: