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Thrasher Am Jam Contest

March 13th, 2012      Comments Off on Thrasher Am Jam Contest    Posted in News

If you’re gonna be in Austin, Texas Sunday March 18th make sure and go to the Thrasher Death Match Am Jam! Prizes Yes, Pros No!

Flip Brooklyn Projects mini ramp session

January 28th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip Brooklyn Projects mini ramp session    Posted in News

Yesterday Arto, David, Oscar, Langi and Louie rolled up to Brooklyn Projects to skate one of the best mini ramps in Southern California. Good times had by all! Big thanks to the BP crew and DJ Chavez for letting us come by.

Skateboarder’s Sunset Rampage Contest

September 26th, 2011      Comments Off on Skateboarder’s Sunset Rampage Contest    Posted in News

Last Thursday Skateboarder had their 2nd annual Sunset Rampage mini ramp jam at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. Pre-contest warm up session kicked off at Arto’s pool and then moved to the poolside mini ramp with Langi, Nordberg, Curren, Louie and loads of homies. All the dudes ripped and with Arto on the mic, $5,000 prize money in cash, free food and booze for all the jam went quick! Looking forward to next year and Click Here to check out the rest of the photos and see below for the video. Part 2 coming soon…

Skateboarder Magazine’s Sunset Rampage 2 Presented by Analog & Gravis from Skateboarder Magazine on Vimeo.

Penny Interview For

July 1st, 2011      Comments Off on Penny Interview For    Posted in News

Tom was just in Sweden with the rest of the Flip team doing a demo and signing at Junkyard. See below to watch the interview he did for and if you missed the mini ramp video featuring Tom, David and Ben Nordberg, CLICK HERE to watch. Represent from midnight to high noon.

Junkyard Mini Ramp Video

June 28th, 2011      Comments Off on Junkyard Mini Ramp Video    Posted in Productions

Check out the session Tom Penny, David Gonzalez and Ben Nordberg had at the Junkyard mini ramp in Trollhattan, Sweden a few days ago. Stay tuned for more video and photo updates from the 2011 Flip Euro Tour…

Tom Penny “720” Video Part

March 17th, 2011      Comments Off on Tom Penny “720” Video Part    Posted in Productions

Check out Tom’s mini ramp part in the Rollersnakes video “720” from 1992. Enjoy the video and stay tuned for Geoff and Rune’s 720 parts…
[jwplayer config=”Flip (500X375)” mediaid=”1859″]

2010…The end is nigh!

December 29th, 2010      Comments Off on 2010…The end is nigh!    Posted in News

2010 went faster than a speeding bullet! Contests, tours, mayhem and random travelling hijinx all added up to one hell of a fast ride! 2011 is going to be killer. If you haven’t already seen the Extremely Sorry mini-ramp trailer and Lazy Daze videos in the Flip productions section then you are slippin’ as Luan ups the flatground ante with 10 triple flips in a row. What’s up with Rowley always bumping into Flava Flav? Public Enemy kick ass!!

Extremely Sorry mini-ramp trailer 4

December 23rd, 2010      Comments Off on Extremely Sorry mini-ramp trailer 4    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer config=”Flip (500X312)” mediaid=”1329″]
Aaagghhh shit! Christmas is here and trailer number 4 of Louie Lopez, Ben Nordberg and Luan Oliveira shredding the Flip warehouse ramp is now online for your enjoyment. Merry Christmas from all at Flip.

Ben Nordberg Mini Ramp trailer

August 13th, 2010      Comments Off on Ben Nordberg Mini Ramp trailer    Posted in News

Watch Ben lay down some tech mini ramp maneuvers on the Flip ramp! Always raw power, always raw UK destruction!! Ben is currently in England shooting for a couple mag interviews. Stay tuned…

Extremely Sorry Mini-Ramp Trailer 3

April 15th, 2010      Comments Off on Extremely Sorry Mini-Ramp Trailer 3    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer config=”Flipvision” mediaid=”330″]