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Bob Wins X Games Big Air LA Bronze

August 2nd, 2013      Comments Off on Bob Wins X Games Big Air LA Bronze    Posted in News

Bob Burnquist wins the bronze medal in America’s Navy Skateboard Big Air at X Games L.A. 2013.

Check out the highlights courtesy of X Games!

Bob also took a slam HERE:


Indy Nosebone 360 to Fakie


Bob Burnquist “The Dreamland Series” Episode 1

July 31st, 2013      Comments Off on Bob Burnquist “The Dreamland Series” Episode 1    Posted in News

The time has finally come. After compiling footage of experimenting and failing, evolving and innovating, the first full part from Bob Burnquist┬áis finally here. The part kicks off a brand new webisode series featuring Bob and his life in and around the space that has been so integral to his growth and contributions to skateboarding: his backyard in Southern California, better known as “Dreamland.” In this first episode, Bob introduces a brand new feature to his personal MegaRamp, the (Mega)Hip.

Without further ado, we’re happy to present “The Dreamland Series.” The six-part series will drop weekly at

Check it out!

Bob Boardslide Mega Hip
Bob Mega Step Up
Bob Mega Injury

Bob wins 5th Consecutive Gold in Big Air

July 1st, 2013      Comments Off on Bob wins 5th Consecutive Gold in Big Air    Posted in News

Congratulations to Bob for winning Gold in X Games Big Air in Munich, Germany.
Bob has just won his 5th Gold medal and he isn’t stopping here.
Keep your eyes open for what this mad man will do next.
Oh and check out the footage from Munich down below!




Bob wins Gold at X Games, Barcelona

May 18th, 2013      Comments Off on Bob wins Gold at X Games, Barcelona    Posted in News

Once again, Bob takes home first place in Big Air at X Games, Barcelona. Congratulations Bob! This man is unstoppable on the mega. Check out the winning tricks:

Bob Recaps on X Games Big Air

April 23rd, 2013      Comments Off on Bob Recaps on X Games Big Air    Posted in News

Bob talks about winning his 10th X Games gold medal and the other bangers that went down this past weekend in Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil!

Catching Up With Geoff

June 25th, 2012      Comments Off on Catching Up With Geoff    Posted in News

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Bob’s Mega Backside Flip

August 22nd, 2011      Comments Off on Bob’s Mega Backside Flip    Posted in News

Bob gives us another ‘first time ever’ with this backside flip over a 55 foot gap at his mega compound. This also landed Bob the cover of issue 91 of The Skateboard Mag. Click Here to watch more videos from Bob and the Flip crew and stay tuned to see what else Bob’s got up his sleeve…

Bob’s House & Night Missions

January 24th, 2011      Comments Off on Bob’s House & Night Missions    Posted in News

Arto sent me some photos from a skate day at Bob’s and a night mission up in the Valley. Day and night sessions 24/7 motha’ fuckas!! Stay tuned for the web videos…

On The Road With Flip part 2

November 24th, 2010      Comments Off on On The Road With Flip part 2    Posted in News, Tour

Next stop on the Flip West Coast Represent tour was the Simi Valley demo. On this stop we had Dave Duncan MC’ing and AVE joining us on the tour as a guest skater. From this point forward the voyage started getting into some rad and weird territory with the late night hijinx and pranks reaching new levels! People got their beds pissed on, shit on and worse… Tour chaos set to maximum carnage basically. After the demo we headed north to Tehachapi, CA where the fine people at Woodward let us session their camp for the day. Woodward is basically a giant compound with more obstacles to skate than any other place i’ve ever seen. They even have a mega ramp where Rune got a serious hammer and a few others got broke off… all good in the hood though. On our way out of town we skated an apocalyptic ditch spot that had some of the best and worst graffiti ever! Next stop… Visalia, CA. Check out this video from the Simi Valley demo and thanks to Skatelab and Woodward for the good times!

Mega Madness Day…

November 5th, 2010      Comments Off on Mega Madness Day…    Posted in News

The Flip team recently traveled to Bob’s compound to check out the infamous Mega Ramp and skate some of the other gnarly obstacles at Bob’s place. It was the hottest November day i’ve ever felt in my life and at high noon Andrew Langi, Bob and Lance decided to pad up and go skate the mega. First, everyone warmed up on the massive quarter pipe, which is basically a tsunami-sized ramp, followed by a shred session to the highest levels by Mr. Burnquist. As the sun continued to pound down on us Rune A.K.A. “The Danish Destoyer” got a couple hammers on the other burly spot at Bob’s place… no biggie! By the end of the day everyone was totally dehydrated and yet ready to keep on skating. So, at dusk we made our way south to an abandoned skate house courtesy of the Built To Shred homies. More gnarly maneuvers, night prowlers, heavy vibes and one of the best skate days ever!! Thanks to Acosta for making the trip with us. Until next time…