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Flip at the X Games!

July 28th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip at the X Games!    Posted in News

See Luan and Gonzo rip up the street course whilst the Danish destroyer, Bob, Curren and Langi slash up the superpark and get mega extreme! aagghhhh!!! Good luck guys!
Practice is in full force and the contest goes on until Saturday. Check these pictures courtesy of MRZ over at Concrete Disciples…good fucking vibes man!

German Vibes

September 26th, 2010      Comments Off on German Vibes    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer mediaid=”548″]
The summer action was hot, hot, hot! German Limited mag. photographer and master booze blaster Tommes Gentsch
was on hand to amp up the vibrations! Lopez, Caples, Gonzo, Luan and Langi……posse to the max!! check out the Langi
kickflip at the end….maximus boneage!!!

“Fuck yeah Langi, that was fucking insane wasn’t it?” to quote Gentsch.

Flip Thrilla in Manila Tour Video

July 22nd, 2010      Comments Off on Flip Thrilla in Manila Tour Video    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer config=”Flipvision” mediaid=”139″]

Luan Turns Pro

February 15th, 2010      Comments Off on Luan Turns Pro    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer config=”Flipvision” mediaid=”334″]

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