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Penny Interview For

July 1st, 2011      Comments Off on Penny Interview For    Posted in News

Tom was just in Sweden with the rest of the Flip team doing a demo and signing at Junkyard. See below to watch the interview he did for and if you missed the mini ramp video featuring Tom, David and Ben Nordberg, CLICK HERE to watch. Represent from midnight to high noon.

“This Is Tom Penny” KR3W commercial

March 21st, 2011      Comments Off on “This Is Tom Penny” KR3W commercial    Posted in News

CLICK HERE to check out Tom’s Spring 2011 KR3W commercial.

Boulala Sidewalk Interview

January 4th, 2011      Comments Off on Boulala Sidewalk Interview    Posted in News

Check out Ali’s interview in the December (current) issue of Sidewalk Magazine.

Boulala “Three Things” Interview @ KR3W

September 21st, 2010      Comments Off on Boulala “Three Things” Interview @ KR3W    Posted in News

Find out 3 things you didn’t know about Ali, including what he watches on TV everyday. And In case you didn’t already know, Ali is officially on KR3W! CLICK HERE to learn more about Boulala and Check Out his new Flip board here.