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Arto Epicly Later’d Episode

May 10th, 2012      Comments Off on Arto Epicly Later’d Episode    Posted in News

The Penny Keeps Rolling Strong!

April 25th, 2012      Comments Off on The Penny Keeps Rolling Strong!    Posted in News

April is the official birthday month of Penny, and it’s a good time to reflect on the years of style and inspiration from one of our greatest talents. Here’s a famous picture from a skate mag in 1994, appropriately marking the beginnings of Penny’s impact on the US skate scene. Always rolling strong, always innovating and representing skateboarding for life!

Rowley TWS Interview Part 2

April 5th, 2012      Comments Off on Rowley TWS Interview Part 2    Posted in News

A few months ago Transworld released their 30th anniversary issue, showcasing the 30 most influential skaters of all time. Geoff was voted #26 on TWS’ list (read the interview here). Recently they’ve been releasing the video interviews they shot with all 30 skaters. Here’s the second part of Geoff’s interview.

Oscar Meza “Am On Rye” Interview

March 30th, 2012      Comments Off on Oscar Meza “Am On Rye” Interview    Posted in News

Ben Nordberg “Am On Rye” Interview

March 28th, 2012      Comments Off on Ben Nordberg “Am On Rye” Interview    Posted in News

Nordberg recently sat down with CCS to talk about skateboarding, life, nicknames, and the infamous “poncho” story. If you haven’t read it already do yourself a favor and CLICK HERE.

Lance Mountain Appreciation

February 13th, 2012      Comments Off on Lance Mountain Appreciation    Posted in News

Skateboarder said thank you to Lance by posting an appreciation blog on their website. As said by Christian Senrud from Skateboarder, Lance was the guy who was always there to remind us that we’re riding toys and toys are meant to be fun. Enjoy…

Oscar Meza “Cell Phone Raid”

January 30th, 2012      Comments Off on Oscar Meza “Cell Phone Raid”    Posted in News

Broken bones, the homies and 100% pure skateboarding. Find out what makes Oscar tick on this edition of the “Cell Phone Raid.”

David Gonzalez “Cell Phone Raid”

January 28th, 2012      Comments Off on David Gonzalez “Cell Phone Raid”    Posted in News

Click Here to check out the rest of Gonzo’s iPhone wizadry…

Curren Caples “Cell Phone Raid”

January 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Curren Caples “Cell Phone Raid”    Posted in News

Click Here for Curren’s cellular exploits and check out the latest board shape he helped design with Lance Mountain… The Mountain Vato Park Jr.

New Lance Mountain Interview

December 9th, 2011      Comments Off on New Lance Mountain Interview    Posted in News

CLICK HERE to read Lance’s interview and if you missed his Cell Phone Raid check it out now.