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Rowley’s 5 Favorite Long Beach Spots

January 18th, 2013      Comments Off on Rowley’s 5 Favorite Long Beach Spots    Posted in News

“Everybody has got their staples, their favorite things they can’t live without.
For the 5th and final Day of Geoff Rowley Week we follow Geoff around Long Beach, CA to check out five of his favorite spots and give you all what you’ve been craving, some skate footage.” -Chris Nieratko
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If you missed the other days of Vans’ Rowley Week, CLICK HERE!

Rowley Week at Vans

January 14th, 2013      Comments Off on Rowley Week at Vans    Posted in News

Today is Day 1, so make sure and check in tomorrow through Friday for more Rowley interviews and videos…

Burnout: SOTY 2012

December 17th, 2012      Comments Off on Burnout: SOTY 2012    Posted in News

Burnett brings the very best of the 2012 SOTY party weekend. For the rest of the photos, CLICK HERE. Congratulations Gonzo!!

Who’s Hot: Alec Majerus

December 14th, 2012      Comments Off on Who’s Hot: Alec Majerus    Posted in News

Alec Majeurs just placed 1st at this year’s Tampa Am. He can skate contests with confidence and can also throw down in the streets. After having back-to-back ankle surgery, Alec still continues to push his skateboarding limits. Check out what Geoff has to say about Alec in Skateboarder Magazine‘s Who’s Hot Video.
Click HERE

Ditch Day with Ben and Curren

November 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Ditch Day with Ben and Curren    Posted in News

Ben and Curren took a ditch day and went out to skate this skater-made half pipe and left with some rad photos. Photos courtesy of ARTOFOTO.

The Weight of the World

August 24th, 2012      Comments Off on The Weight of the World    Posted in Productions

Thrasher Magazine presents the new Flip tour video “Weight of the World”.

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Flip Demo Video

August 24th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip Demo Video    Posted in News

Check out last week’s Flip Demo at the Vans Skatepark in Orange, CA. Featuring: Geoff, Arto, Lance, Curren, Louie, Alec & Oscar. Filmed & Edited by Tim Cisilino.

Rowley “Firing Line”

August 24th, 2012      Comments Off on Rowley “Firing Line”    Posted in News

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Burnout: Kink n’ Slide

August 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Burnout: Kink n’ Slide    Posted in News

Bent metal, Flip team still in Vegas. CLICK HERE to check out the rest of the photos and stay tuned for more Burnout posts from the Flip AZ/NV tour…

Flip Classics – 1999 Tradeshow Promo Video

August 20th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip Classics – 1999 Tradeshow Promo Video    Posted in Productions

This promo video comes from deep in the Flip vault. Almost lost and found again. Originally released during the 1999 ASR Tradeshow to preview the upcoming Flip video. Featuring Geoff, Penny, Arto, Rune and Boulala.

Flip Classics – 1999 Promo Video from FLIP SKATEBOARDS on Vimeo.