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Weekend Buzz with David and Louie

September 18th, 2012      Comments Off on Weekend Buzz with David and Louie    Posted in News

David & Louie stopped by RIDE Channel┬áto talk to Erica & Rob about David’s new Thrasher video part, Possessed to Skate, Extremely Sorry, drinking pee, injuries, David witnessing death in the womb, Christian Hosoi…

Lance Mountain Appreciation

February 13th, 2012      Comments Off on Lance Mountain Appreciation    Posted in News

Skateboarder said thank you to Lance by posting an appreciation blog on their website. As said by Christian Senrud from Skateboarder, Lance was the guy who was always there to remind us that we’re riding toys and toys are meant to be fun. Enjoy…

2011 International Skateboard Film Festival

April 26th, 2011      Comments Off on 2011 International Skateboard Film Festival    Posted in News

This year the International Skateboard Film Festival is back and will be having screenings in both Los Angeles and Long Beach, CA sponsored by Vans & RVCA. This is the world’s only international skateboarding film festival and will definitely be worth checking out. Last year Extremely Sorry won the Best U.S. Film Award and Baron won Best Soundtrack for scoring the music to Extremely Sorry at the LA Skate Film Festival. This year’s International Skateboard Film Festival will feature the similar award categories and some additional awards, including Best Photography, Best Editing, Best Original Screenplay and Best Classic.

The festival film screenings are open to the public and film submissions are open May 1st – July 31st to all filmmakers around the globe.

To find out more about the festival, how to submit your work and more, check out

Really Sorry on iTunes

April 5th, 2011      Comments Off on Really Sorry on iTunes    Posted in News

Flip is proud to announce the release of Really Sorry on iTunes for only $2.99! Really Sorry is the 2nd video in the Sorry trilogy, featuring: Geoff, Arto, Penny, Boulala, Rune and more… Click Here to check it out and if you don’t already own Extremely Sorry on iTunes, Download it here.

Flip 4 Life

March 26th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip 4 Life    Posted in News

Rowley shows love and dedication to his first and only board sponsor. Flip 4 life homeboys.

Motorhead tour ends!

March 12th, 2011      Comments Off on Motorhead tour ends!    Posted in News

Gonzalez, Rowley, Nordberg and Skateboard magazine am of the year Collin Provost(hell yeah Collin!) went rock n’ roll for the evening up in L.A. at the last show on the Motorhead “The World is Yours” tour. As usual Lemmy kept the crowd load and proud with a performance that was totally badass! Phil Campbell’s solo’s, Mikkey Dee on the drums…..classic heavy Rock n’ Roll delivered how it should be be….Rude and Raw! Thanks to the band for hooking us up with XXX and VIP passes.

What a killer night!

XXX passes…..we like to Rock n’ Roll in style.

Denim and leather….go well together.

You know it is on when the horns come out.

Oh shit! The stage is set….

The boots are on stage and the amps are kicked up to level 11…time to rock.

Rowley, Gonzo, Provost and Nordberg feel the rhythm, the blues, the metal, the psyche! fuck yes.

It’s a hard life…hardly.

Bumped into Rick Kosick of Jackass and Big Brother magazine fame, along with Robin Fleming the Baker dark woman!

Valient thorr started the evening with one hell of a live performance, these guys are rad.

Shane Cross R.I.P.

March 8th, 2011      Comments Off on Shane Cross R.I.P.    Posted in News

We miss you buddy! Forever in our hearts. Ride on.

Arto Video Retrospective

February 15th, 2011      Comments Off on Arto Video Retrospective    Posted in Productions

This video is a celebration of Arto’s years with Flip, from the early days up to his recent return to the team. The soundtrack was originally written by Baron for Arto’s Extremely Sorry part and has sat in the vault since 2005. WELCOME HOME ARTO.

CLICK HERE to watch the video and ENTER TO WIN Arto’s prize pack.

2010…The end is nigh!

December 29th, 2010      Comments Off on 2010…The end is nigh!    Posted in News

2010 went faster than a speeding bullet! Contests, tours, mayhem and random travelling hijinx all added up to one hell of a fast ride! 2011 is going to be killer. If you haven’t already seen the Extremely Sorry mini-ramp trailer and Lazy Daze videos in the Flip productions section then you are slippin’ as Luan ups the flatground ante with 10 triple flips in a row. What’s up with Rowley always bumping into Flava Flav? Public Enemy kick ass!!

“Days of Skate” with Lance, Langi, Louie & Curren

October 6th, 2010      Comments Off on “Days of Skate” with Lance, Langi, Louie & Curren    Posted in News

Last weekend Lance invited us to skate his backyard pool. For those of you that don’t know or haven’t seen Lance’s part in Extremely Sorry, this is one of the sickest backyard pools ever!! The next day we ventured up Oxnard to skate some street and kept the vibes high and the skate gods satisfied with uber fancy maneuvers and fancy socks! Maximum overload is coming and the skate meter is in the danger zone, so stay tuned for more shredding from the Flip crew! Thanks for the photos Bowman.