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Burnout: SOTY 2012

December 17th, 2012      Comments Off on Burnout: SOTY 2012    Posted in News

Burnett brings the very best of the 2012 SOTY party weekend. For the rest of the photos, CLICK HERE. Congratulations Gonzo!!

Louie Lopez “Firing Line”

February 27th, 2012      Comments Off on Louie Lopez “Firing Line”    Posted in News

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Check out Louie’s part in the upcoming video “Disorganized Fun.”

Flip LB Video Premiere Photos

May 2nd, 2011      Comments Off on Flip LB Video Premiere Photos    Posted in News

Check out some photos from the Flip “West Side Story” premiere that we had in Long Beach last Friday night. The venue was packed by 9pm and the good vibes were definitely flowing… By the end of the premiere the homies were hyped and that led into an epic after party at the Red Room bar with all of our friends and family. Big THANK YOU to Vitamin Water for sponsoring the event, thanks to the Red Room for letting us get wild and thanks to everyone that made it out to the premiere. Long Beach represent! …For more coverage of the night check out (photos courtesy of MRZ).

The venue pre-premiere.

Photos courtesy of Anthony Acosta. Thanks homie!

Old tymers were in attendance too…

Homemade Vato tshirt.

Louie Sr. made it out in full force.

The Acosta’s.

Collin Provost, Jared Hager (of the infamous Hager Bros.) and a friend.

LB dog hangin’ loose at the premiere.

Tony Karr.

MRZ from Concrete Disciples.


Luan and his girl.

Crowd shots. Packed.

Ewan & Luan.

Geoff & Matt.

Heavy Metal Chuck went home with a super limited edition Corn Dog print… 1 of 1.

This was the point in the night when it started getting wild style…

Rune & Choi from Volcom.

Today’s party is tomorrow’s mess.

After party at the Red Room!

Thanks for pouring mighty fine drinks Blake. Till next time…

Random Skate Sesh Bloggery

January 28th, 2011      Comments Off on Random Skate Sesh Bloggery    Posted in News

In a world filled with carnage, chaos and brutality, sometimes all you can say is, “Fuck It!” Enjoy some photos Arto shot of a random skate mission yesterday with the dudes putting in some time on their boards before the world clock runs out. Skate, slay, destroy, live forever and have fun everyone!

Weekend Missions, 100K & Off To The Wild

January 16th, 2011      Comments Off on Weekend Missions, 100K & Off To The Wild    Posted in News

Check out some photos Arto shot of a recent skate mission with Louie and Ewan in North LA, the road to Zumiez 100K and Geoff preparing to go off into the wild… BEAST!! More Arto photo blog posts coming soon…