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Flip at the X Games!

July 28th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip at the X Games!    Posted in News

See Luan and Gonzo rip up the street course whilst the Danish destroyer, Bob, Curren and Langi slash up the superpark and get mega extreme! aagghhhh!!! Good luck guys!
Practice is in full force and the contest goes on until Saturday. Check these pictures courtesy of MRZ over at Concrete Disciples…good fucking vibes man!

Motorhead tour ends!

March 12th, 2011      Comments Off on Motorhead tour ends!    Posted in News

Gonzalez, Rowley, Nordberg and Skateboard magazine am of the year Collin Provost(hell yeah Collin!) went rock n’ roll for the evening up in L.A. at the last show on the Motorhead “The World is Yours” tour. As usual Lemmy kept the crowd load and proud with a performance that was totally badass! Phil Campbell’s solo’s, Mikkey Dee on the drums…..classic heavy Rock n’ Roll delivered how it should be be….Rude and Raw! Thanks to the band for hooking us up with XXX and VIP passes.

What a killer night!

XXX passes…..we like to Rock n’ Roll in style.

Denim and leather….go well together.

You know it is on when the horns come out.

Oh shit! The stage is set….

The boots are on stage and the amps are kicked up to level 11…time to rock.

Rowley, Gonzo, Provost and Nordberg feel the rhythm, the blues, the metal, the psyche! fuck yes.

It’s a hard life…hardly.

Bumped into Rick Kosick of Jackass and Big Brother magazine fame, along with Robin Fleming the Baker dark woman!

Valient thorr started the evening with one hell of a live performance, these guys are rad.

German Vibes

September 26th, 2010      Comments Off on German Vibes    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer mediaid=”548″]
The summer action was hot, hot, hot! German Limited mag. photographer and master booze blaster Tommes Gentsch
was on hand to amp up the vibrations! Lopez, Caples, Gonzo, Luan and Langi……posse to the max!! check out the Langi
kickflip at the end….maximus boneage!!!

“Fuck yeah Langi, that was fucking insane wasn’t it?” to quote Gentsch.

Extremely Sorry Wins @ LA Skate Film Festival

September 4th, 2010      Comments Off on Extremely Sorry Wins @ LA Skate Film Festival    Posted in News

Flip is stoked to have been a part of such an amazing film festival and we look forward for many more LA Skate Film Festivals to come! Thank you to everyone who supported Extremely Sorry. 5 years of blood, sweat, tears and pure carnage went into making this video and we’re very proud what came out of it. Congratulations to Baron for winning the Best Soundtrack award!

Photos courtesy of Alter Eddie.

Obligatory team line-up.

Baron. Best Soundtrack award.

Geoff and the crew accepting the Best U.S. Film award.

Ewan and Edgar. Thanks to all the Flip supporters out there and the LA Skate Film Festival!

Curren, Louie, David and Edgar (claymation wizard).

Street League Tickets for Ontario, CA 9/11

September 2nd, 2010      Comments Off on Street League Tickets for Ontario, CA 9/11    Posted in News

The first 4 people to email and type “ONTARIO STREET LEAGUE” in the subject line will win 2 tickets to the next Street League competition in Ontario, CA on Sept. 11th. In addition, the first person who can tell me what David Gonzalez’s favorite food is will win 2 tickets to Ontario!

Don’t forget to include your name and mailing address in the email or else you will not get your tickets. Stay tuned for more Street League ticket giveaways…

Tickets courtesy of Street League Skateboarding.

Flip Thrilla in Manila Tour Video

July 22nd, 2010      Comments Off on Flip Thrilla in Manila Tour Video    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer config=”Flipvision” mediaid=”139″]

Geoff & David 22 Stair Video

March 1st, 2010      Comments Off on Geoff & David 22 Stair Video    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer config=”Flipvision” mediaid=”333″]