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David Gonzalez #runandgun

August 12th, 2013      Comments Off on David Gonzalez #runandgun    Posted in News

The Idea:
Each skater gets The Berrics to himself for a 24 hour period to film his best 60 second run without knowing anything about what the other skaters have filmed.

The runs are scored by you on a scale from 1 to 10. You can change the score you submitted at any time by logging into your account and changing it as you see fit. Once we close scoring (at the very end) we’ll average all the submitted scores together per skater to determine the winner.

The winner takes home $25k and a special Run & Gun clock. There is also a best trick bonus for $1k for whoever does the best single trick in their run as decided by a Berrics panel.

Check out David Gonzalez!
Click the image below
Screen Shot 2013-08-10 at 7.00.34 AM

#FLIPDEMO in London, UK

June 27th, 2013      Comments Off on #FLIPDEMO in London, UK    Posted in News, Tour


Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Bay Sixty 6 Skatepark
Bay 66-67
Acklam Rd
London, UK
W10 5YU


#FLIPDEMO in Wurzburg, Germany

June 25th, 2013      Comments Off on #FLIPDEMO in Wurzburg, Germany    Posted in News, Tour


Monday, July 1st, 2013

Zellerau Skatepark
Wurzburg, Germany


World’s Best Brunch- David

April 30th, 2013      Comments Off on World’s Best Brunch- David    Posted in News

Jimmy Arrighi (World’s Best Dad) sets the table for Thrasher’s new interview program – World’s Best Brunch. In this first episode he sits down with Skater of the Year, David, to talk pee bottles, Johnny’s boner, cool headbands and much, much more. Bon Appetit!
Watch HERE

David World's Best Brunch


Q & Skate with David

April 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Q & Skate with David    Posted in News

David answers some questions about music, slams, and SOTY. Check out his responses along with some skating at Houghton Skatepark in Long Beach, CA.

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Gonzalez Hall of Meat

April 4th, 2013      Comments Off on Gonzalez Hall of Meat    Posted in News

This slam would have broken the arm for most people. David’s either made of rubber, from another planet, or just plain tough as nails. Check out his Hall of Meat.
Click HERE

Hall of Meat David


A Day at David’s

February 8th, 2013      Comments Off on A Day at David’s    Posted in News

Check out this backyard half pipe edit of David and his friends!

Free Lunch with David Gonzalez

January 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Free Lunch with David Gonzalez    Posted in News

Tune in to a Free Lunch with the 2012 SOTY, David Gonzalez! David talks about his favorite SOTY, a gift from Bam Margera, and taxi cab murders!

David Gonzalez SOTY 2012

December 26th, 2012      Comments Off on David Gonzalez SOTY 2012    Posted in News

Pride of Flip – David Gonzalez – SOTY 2012. In his own words “skateboarding is the only thing in this world that matters.” CLICK HERE to watch the Thrasher SOTY video.

Flip David SOTY Board
Like this board? Click HERE to see it on NHS Fun Factory!

Double Rock: Ben Nordberg

December 26th, 2012      Comments Off on Double Rock: Ben Nordberg    Posted in News

On the eve of the SOTY party, Ben Nordberg rolled through the Rock and unleashed some of his signature coping craze. Special guest appearances from Collin Provost and the SOTY himself, David Gonzalez!
Watch Ben tear up Double Rock, click HERE!