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New Lance Mountain Interview

December 9th, 2011      Comments Off on New Lance Mountain Interview    Posted in News

CLICK HERE to read Lance’s interview and if you missed his Cell Phone Raid check it out now.

Lance Mountain “Cell Phone Raid”

December 8th, 2011      Comments Off on Lance Mountain “Cell Phone Raid”    Posted in News

Have a look and see what kind of pics Lance carries around in his pocket and check back tomorrow for an exclusive interview with Lance.

Alec Majerus “Cell Phone Raid”

November 29th, 2011      Comments Off on Alec Majerus “Cell Phone Raid”    Posted in News

Get to know Alec by taking a look at some of the cell pics that were bouncing around his phone and check his Welcome Video.

B/S lip Photo: Hammeke

Flip “Shop Drop”

November 23rd, 2011      Comments Off on Flip “Shop Drop”    Posted in News

With features on Arto and new Flip rider Matt Berger this week, CCS decided that it only made sense to follow things up with a Shop Drop dedicated to the very board brand the dudes back.

Have a look at the Newest Flip decks that are shrink-wrapped and ready for raw street abuse. Get it.

Matt Berger “AM ON RYE” Interview

November 23rd, 2011      Comments Off on Matt Berger “AM ON RYE” Interview    Posted in News

CCS caught up with Matt to talk about how he landed a spot on the team, the Canadian skate scene, upcoming plans and a bit more. Click Here to read the interview and stay tuned for more AM ON RYE’s with the Flip crew…

Arto “Cell Phone Raid”

November 22nd, 2011      Comments Off on Arto “Cell Phone Raid”    Posted in News

Arto sent CCS a bunch of select shots from his phone, going easy on the captions and letting his stellar stills do the talking. Click Here to check them out and stay tuned for more CCS Cell Phone Raids with the Flip crew…

Flip x CCS Demo video

November 14th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip x CCS Demo video    Posted in News

Check out for all the latest Flip gear!

Flip Demo at Stoner Park from Colin Clark on Vimeo.

CCS Flip “Skatepark Crawl”

November 3rd, 2011      Comments Off on CCS Flip “Skatepark Crawl”    Posted in News

It all begins on Saturday, November 12th in Los Angeles. CCS is loading up the van with Arto Saari, Geoff Rowley, David Gonzalez, Ben Nordberg, Louie Lopez, and Oscar Meza and hitting Stoner Park in Los Angeles at 1PM. Then it’s on to the Westchester Skate Plaza in LA for a 3 o’clock shred fest.

There will be giveaways and a $100.00 CCS GIFT CARD winner takes all best trick contest, at each stop.

Tom Penny Talks P2 Technology

November 2nd, 2011      Comments Off on Tom Penny Talks P2 Technology    Posted in News

Tom explains why he rides boards with P2 Technology in this clip from CCS. Click Here to watch.

Rowley CCS Cell Phone Raid

October 3rd, 2011      Comments Off on Rowley CCS Cell Phone Raid    Posted in News

Get your brains moving with some visual documention, straight from the eyes, phone and fingertips of Mr. Rowley. Click Here to check it out…