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Get Set Up With David

December 17th, 2012      Comments Off on Get Set Up With David    Posted in News

In this special Skater Of The Year edition of Get Set Up, none other than the 2012 SOTY himself, David Gonzalez, breaks down the components of his ride. Of course, David is rolling on his new Thrasher X Flip collab deck paired with some Indy’s and set of 53 or 54 mm Ricta Wheels. If this is the set up that helped take David to SOTY status, you should probably look into getting some of this gear for your own set up. Now go GET SET UP!

Possessed To Skate

October 5th, 2012      Comments Off on Possessed To Skate    Posted in News

CLICK HERE to watch Possessed To Skate.

Post Possessed

October 3rd, 2012      Comments Off on Post Possessed    Posted in News

David’s “Possessed to Skate” part showed some of the gnarliest clips in the history of skateboarding. Here, David talks about three of the hardest tricks from his part.

David Gonzalez Trick Tip- Layback 5-0

September 26th, 2012      Comments Off on David Gonzalez Trick Tip- Layback 5-0    Posted in News

Today on CCS Trick Tip, David teaches you how to lay down a proper Layback Frontside 5-0 on his ramp. Take this trick to a pool or pipe and make sure you throw some extra steeze into it like David does.

Possessed Premiere CCS Recap

September 25th, 2012      Comments Off on Possessed Premiere CCS Recap    Posted in News

CCS was at the “Possessed to Skate” party and premiere and they got the footage in case you missed out. Footage of the ramp session, BBQ, and exclusive interviews with his team manager Ewan Bowman, Geoff, Christian Hosoi and, of course, a few words from David himself, all wrapped up in this video just for you!

Thrasher Burnout- Possessed to Skate

September 25th, 2012      Comments Off on Thrasher Burnout- Possessed to Skate    Posted in News

Prior to the “Possessed to Skate” premiere in Long Beach, CA, David had some friends over for some pizza, drinks, and a solid half pipe session. Check out ALL the photos on Thrasher Mag. Here’s a sneak peak: