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Mega Madness Day…

November 5th, 2010      Comments Off on Mega Madness Day…    Posted in News

The Flip team recently traveled to Bob’s compound to check out the infamous Mega Ramp and skate some of the other gnarly obstacles at Bob’s place. It was the hottest November day i’ve ever felt in my life and at high noon Andrew Langi, Bob and Lance decided to pad up and go skate the mega. First, everyone warmed up on the massive quarter pipe, which is basically a tsunami-sized ramp, followed by a shred session to the highest levels by Mr. Burnquist. As the sun continued to pound down on us Rune A.K.A. “The Danish Destoyer” got a couple hammers on the other burly spot at Bob’s place… no biggie! By the end of the day everyone was totally dehydrated and yet ready to keep on skating. So, at dusk we made our way south to an abandoned skate house courtesy of the Built To Shred homies. More gnarly maneuvers, night prowlers, heavy vibes and one of the best skate days ever!! Thanks to Acosta for making the trip with us. Until next time…

New Burnquist Interview & Video

September 20th, 2010      Comments Off on New Burnquist Interview & Video    Posted in News

Bob talks about his recent fakie 900 on the Mega Ramp and what he’s got lined up for the future. CLICK HERE to read on and check out the exclusive behind-the-scenes Video about the fakie 900 on


September 9th, 2010      Comments Off on FAKIE 900…BURNQUIST IS KILLING IT!!!    Posted in News

So Gnarley! Burnquist is not stopping!! This is the first fakie 900 ever done!! Yeah Bob!

Extremely Sorry Bob Burnquist Trailer

July 20th, 2010      Comments Off on Extremely Sorry Bob Burnquist Trailer    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer mediaid=”143″]
Watch Bob’s Extremely Sorry trailer up on the Flip video section. Bob is currently getting ready to compete in the 2010 X Games and O.C. Maloof Cup and he’s been training like a mad man!! Bob is sure to drop some jaws this year with his undeniably insane aerial combat! CLICK HERE to watch his video and also make sure to check out his New Flip P2 pro model available now… Follow Bob on Twitter @bobburnquist