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Arto Video Retrospective

February 15th, 2011      Comments Off on Arto Video Retrospective    Posted in Productions

This video is a celebration of Arto’s years with Flip, from the early days up to his recent return to the team. The soundtrack was originally written by Baron for Arto’s Extremely Sorry part and has sat in the vault since 2005. WELCOME HOME ARTO.

CLICK HERE to watch the video and ENTER TO WIN Arto’s prize pack.

Zumiez 100K Photos

January 14th, 2011      Comments Off on Zumiez 100K Photos    Posted in News

We went to Keystone, CO for Zumiez 100K and all we came back with are these lousy photos… Just kidding. But seriously, the photos don’t even tell half of the story! Sub zero temperatures, slippery roads, sketchy diners and ONE HELL OF A RIPPING PARTY!! Thanks to Zumiez for the epic memories and we’ll see you again next year.

2010…The end is nigh!

December 29th, 2010      Comments Off on 2010…The end is nigh!    Posted in News

2010 went faster than a speeding bullet! Contests, tours, mayhem and random travelling hijinx all added up to one hell of a fast ride! 2011 is going to be killer. If you haven’t already seen the Extremely Sorry mini-ramp trailer and Lazy Daze videos in the Flip productions section then you are slippin’ as Luan ups the flatground ante with 10 triple flips in a row. What’s up with Rowley always bumping into Flava Flav? Public Enemy kick ass!!


October 27th, 2010      Comments Off on Brainwash…    Posted in News

Rowley, Lopez, Baron and crew went over to the Gaslamp to view the newest video from our homies over at the Machine, the video in classic form kicked ass! My favorite was Matt Bennett followed by Templeton’s nimble footwork. Van Halen hamster shirts now available(see picture below) Atiba, Rowley and Templeton re-live gangster days gone past in this gem of a picture!

Extremely Sorry Wins @ LA Skate Film Festival

September 4th, 2010      Comments Off on Extremely Sorry Wins @ LA Skate Film Festival    Posted in News

Flip is stoked to have been a part of such an amazing film festival and we look forward for many more LA Skate Film Festivals to come! Thank you to everyone who supported Extremely Sorry. 5 years of blood, sweat, tears and pure carnage went into making this video and we’re very proud what came out of it. Congratulations to Baron for winning the Best Soundtrack award!

Photos courtesy of Alter Eddie.

Obligatory team line-up.

Baron. Best Soundtrack award.

Geoff and the crew accepting the Best U.S. Film award.

Ewan and Edgar. Thanks to all the Flip supporters out there and the LA Skate Film Festival!

Curren, Louie, David and Edgar (claymation wizard).