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Flip Backyard BBQ Pool Session

July 7th, 2011      Comments Off on Flip Backyard BBQ Pool Session    Posted in Productions

Only 2 things to do in the summer… eat and skate. Watch the Flip crew get busy in the pool and stay tuned for the Flip Euro Tour web video coming soon…

Thrasher Skatepark Round-up with CCS

May 11th, 2011      Comments Off on Thrasher Skatepark Round-up with CCS    Posted in News

Thrasher came down to LA to meet up with the CCS team and skate a couple parks and Arto’s backyard pool. Watch Arto, David and the rest of the CCS team unleash the skate beast! Featuring special guests: Lance, Luan and Ben Nordberg. Enjoy…

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Rainy Day Backyard Pool Session

October 20th, 2010      Comments Off on Rainy Day Backyard Pool Session    Posted in News

The rain has been pounding California for the past few days, so instead of surrendering to mother nature we decided to give it a go… Langi, Louie and Curren got buck and shred the shit out of this backyard pool! Langi finally made it rain (again) when he landed one of the last and gnarliest tricks of the session!! Stay dry and stay tuned for the web video…

“Days of Skate” with Lance, Langi, Louie & Curren

October 6th, 2010      Comments Off on “Days of Skate” with Lance, Langi, Louie & Curren    Posted in News

Last weekend Lance invited us to skate his backyard pool. For those of you that don’t know or haven’t seen Lance’s part in Extremely Sorry, this is one of the sickest backyard pools ever!! The next day we ventured up Oxnard to skate some street and kept the vibes high and the skate gods satisfied with uber fancy maneuvers and fancy socks! Maximum overload is coming and the skate meter is in the danger zone, so stay tuned for more shredding from the Flip crew! Thanks for the photos Bowman.