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Burnout: Meet Up At Louie’s

July 24th, 2012      Comments Off on Burnout: Meet Up At Louie’s    Posted in News

CLICK HERE to check out all the photos and stay tuned for more courtesy of the mastermind at the Burnout blog. Also, check out the full Flip Tour article in the September 2012 issue of Thrasher.

Luan Oliveira Text Yoself

July 19th, 2011      Comments Off on Luan Oliveira Text Yoself    Posted in News

CLICK HERE to watch.

Street League 2011

March 23rd, 2011      Comments Off on Street League 2011    Posted in News

Street League just announced the 2011 schedule for their second season. Click Here to watch the official SL 2011 trailer. David and Luan are competing this year and you’ll be able to watch them LIVE on ESPN/ESPN2. Also, make sure to look at the recently relaunched for all the info on dates, tickets, which pros are competing and more…


February 24th, 2011      Comments Off on FRENCH FRED ARIZONA    Posted in Productions

“I made this teaser for the Extremely Sorry video, between 2006 and 2008 at Geoff’s Arizona retreat. It has been aging nicely in the cellar, next to the red wine. With Arto back on the team, the time has come to open up the bottle and let everybody have a sip! I hope you guys enjoy the good vibes, away from all that city madness.”


French Fred.

Check out Fred’s photo site HERE and his YouTube page HERE.

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Arizona Power

September 30th, 2010      Comments Off on Arizona Power    Posted in Productions

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The smell, the air, the night vibes…Arizona is one hell of a sweet skate spot. Rowley and TX rippin’ the day before venturing out to see Bob Burnquist going bananas. Mustang cruising, desert dirt, a little gangsta beats in the ear phones, it ain’t a bad life.

What made Burnquist 50/50 into the Grand Canyon? we may never know! Balls of steel.

On The Road To Street League, AZ

September 1st, 2010      Comments Off on On The Road To Street League, AZ    Posted in News, Tour

Last weekend we ventured into Arizona for the very first Street League competition. The summer heat was blasting, the crowds were chanting and the skateboarding vibes were pumped up to the max! Check out some photos from our trip and stay tuned for updates from the Ontario, CA and Las Vegas, NV Street League stops… BOOYAHHH!!!