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Boulala Sidewalk Interview

January 4th, 2011      Comments Off on Boulala Sidewalk Interview    Posted in News

Check out Ali’s interview in the December (current) issue of Sidewalk Magazine.

2010…The end is nigh!

December 29th, 2010      Comments Off on 2010…The end is nigh!    Posted in News

2010 went faster than a speeding bullet! Contests, tours, mayhem and random travelling hijinx all added up to one hell of a fast ride! 2011 is going to be killer. If you haven’t already seen the Extremely Sorry mini-ramp trailer and Lazy Daze videos in the Flip productions section then you are slippin’ as Luan ups the flatground ante with 10 triple flips in a row. What’s up with Rowley always bumping into Flava Flav? Public Enemy kick ass!!

Boulala Interview In HUCK Magazine

November 29th, 2010      Comments Off on Boulala Interview In HUCK Magazine    Posted in News

Ali recently sat down and talked to HUCK Magazine about the accident and where he is at with his life right now. CLICK HERE to check it out and go buy HUCK Issue #23 for the full interview.

New Boulala Interview

November 5th, 2010      Comments Off on New Boulala Interview    Posted in News

Check out Ali’s recent Caught In The Crossfire interview while he was on tour in Europe with KR3W. Ali is gearing up to get back on his board after a minor surgery, so stay tuned for more from the Boulala…

Penny, Boulala and the Lizard King

October 29th, 2010      Comments Off on Penny, Boulala and the Lizard King    Posted in News

Flip riders Tom Penny and Ali Boulala are currently on a U.K. tour with Krew. Click here for some pics of ‘thee boyz’ during the trip, or check the ones below. The picture below of Tom(not the Lizard one fool!) is with none other than legendary skater Jagger from Brumtown(Birmingham) old buddies re-united.

IKON Series Available Now

October 29th, 2010      Comments Off on IKON Series Available Now    Posted in News

This series is designed by Chase, a renowned international artist/designer, who has painted more than 150 murals in cities around the the world. His work contains uplifting messages, designed to inspire and to make the viewer think. Chase now lives and works in Los Angeles, where he ended up by following his heart while on his skateboard in 1995. For more info, please visit

CLICK HERE to check out the IKON series!

Boulala’s Wedding

October 18th, 2010      Comments Off on Boulala’s Wedding    Posted in News

Congratulations to the Boulala’s!!
Ali and sweetheart Amanda tied the knot in Ali’s hometown of Stockholm, Sweden on 10/10/10. One hell of a great night was had by all! Thanks to both family’s and all friend’s in attendance for bringing such love and good times to the wedding event and after party.

Ali Boulala P2 Video

October 7th, 2010      Comments Off on Ali Boulala P2 Video    Posted in Productions

[jwplayer config=”Flip (500X312)” mediaid=”753″]
Listen to what Ali has to say about the Flip P2 boards and check out his new P2 pro model.

“If someone out there dares to try the 25 stair I suggest they have one of these boards.”
-Ali Boulala

Boulala “Three Things” Interview @ KR3W

September 21st, 2010      Comments Off on Boulala “Three Things” Interview @ KR3W    Posted in News

Find out 3 things you didn’t know about Ali, including what he watches on TV everyday. And In case you didn’t already know, Ali is officially on KR3W! CLICK HERE to learn more about Boulala and Check Out his new Flip board here.