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Alec Majerus “Magnified”

February 4th, 2012      Comments Off on Alec Majerus “Magnified”    Posted in News

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Backyard BBQ Sesh

January 13th, 2012      Comments Off on Backyard BBQ Sesh    Posted in News

The Berrics/Recruits/Louie Lopez

December 17th, 2011      Comments Off on The Berrics/Recruits/Louie Lopez    Posted in News

Louie Lopez ain’t sleeping! Check the fresh new recruit section that ‘The Berrics’ just posted at Midnight last night. So sick!

The Tampa Am Experience

December 13th, 2011      Comments Off on The Tampa Am Experience    Posted in News

Burnout with Alec & Louie

November 29th, 2011      Comments Off on Burnout with Alec & Louie    Posted in News

Burnout explores the land of giant handrails with Alec, Louie and friends. Alec got SUPER GNAR at the end of the session, but you’ll have to wait for an upcoming issue of Thrasher to see that kids…

Click Here to see the rest of the photos.

Alec Majerus “Cell Phone Raid”

November 29th, 2011      Comments Off on Alec Majerus “Cell Phone Raid”    Posted in News

Get to know Alec by taking a look at some of the cell pics that were bouncing around his phone and check his Welcome Video.

B/S lip Photo: Hammeke

More Blood…

November 29th, 2011      Comments Off on More Blood…    Posted in Productions

Hailing from freezing Minnesota, Alec Majerus brings the heat as Flip’s newest am.

Big thanks to Warpaint and Rough Trade Records for the music.

Photo courtesy of Joe Hammeke.