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Flip Canadian Tour 2013

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Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 3,4,5 & 6

December 11th, 2013      Comments Off on Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 3,4,5 & 6    Posted in News, Tour

Everyone who had been to Berlin before was more than happy to be back again…

Watch Flip Eurodyssey Part 3 Video


So aside from being skateboarding’s scene capital right now, Berlin is also host to the biggest skateboarding tradeshow in Europe…

Watch Flip Eurodyssey Part 4 Video


And so to the now- famous London demo: we were hoping to do a demo at Bay 66 last year, but at the time it was being redeveloped…

Watch Flip Eurodyssey Part 5 Video


To round off the tour we went to Hackney in East London to some ‘Kev Parrott’ spots and then headed up to Milton Keynes where Rob Selley was kind enough…

Watch Flip Eurodyssey Part 6 Video


Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 2

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After a good night’s rest for some, but not for those who went to the boat party on the river by the hotel, we headed off to Jena which was formerly in the old East Germany.

Flip Eurodyssey Part 2

Louie Lopez is Pro

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Even at age 11, it was apparent that Louie Lopez had been blessed with an extraordinary flow and natural skateboarding ability. Now 18 and with seven years of am contests and videos under his belt, Louie is coming into his own, with perfect timing as skating has changed direction, seeking out a new breed of all terrain rippers. His smooth and masterful board control will take Louie to levels that are difficult to currently imagine. The sky is definitely the limit for Louie, as we look forward to years of his amazing talent. The Flip legacy continues and Louie Lopez is now pro.

Curren Caples is Pro

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Skateboarding seems to have come full circle and with it Curren Caples has risen through the amateur ranks with a unique combination of power and style. Appearing to have roots both from the Dogtown era as well as from skateboarding’s leading edge of today, Curren is a true individual who cannot easily be categorized. His surf influence is obvious, gracing him with an ability to skate all terrains and find speed lines to which mere mortals simply don’t have access. Congratulations Curren on turning pro for Flip.

Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 1

September 24th, 2013      Comments Off on Flip Eurodyssey Tour: Part 1    Posted in News, Tour

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 2.17.04 PM
This past summer Flip Skateboards went on a trip to Europe where we toured in Germany and England. The tour covered all bases with street, demos and a contest all part of it.

Flip Eurodyssey Part 1 (English)
Flip Eurodyssey Part 1 (German)
Flip Eurodyssey Part 1 (Spanish)
Flip Eurodyssey (French)

Part 2 coming in October.

Rune Takes Silver at X Games

April 26th, 2013      Comments Off on Rune Takes Silver at X Games    Posted in News

Rune scores a 39 in Run 3 of the Men’s Skateboard Park final at X Games Foz do Iguacu 2013 and takes silver. Check out the footage HERE!

Rune Heelflip Indy X Games Brazil 2013

Vai Luan!

April 26th, 2013      Comments Off on Vai Luan!    Posted in News

Congratulations to Luan for placing 4th at the first official Street League at X Games in Foz do Iguacu, Brazil!  #vailluan! Check out the TrickTrack HERE

Luan SS FS Flip SLS Brazil 2013

Oscar Meza WeSC Welcome Video

January 14th, 2013      Comments Off on Oscar Meza WeSC Welcome Video    Posted in News

And if you didn’t already see Oscar’s welcome video part 1, see below…