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Flip @ Damn Am HB 2012

August 7th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip @ Damn Am HB 2012    Posted in News

Flip domination continued all through the weekend with Oscar and Alec laying it down at Damn Am HB. Oscar 2nd and Alec 4th. RESPECT Gentlemen. Check out the video coverage from the homies at SPoT…

Flip @ Coastal Carnage 2012

August 7th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip @ Coastal Carnage 2012    Posted in News

For those that didnt see it, Curren tore up Coastal Carnage, Curren 3rd gaggles of half naked women, doubles run’s, Gonzalez, Mountain and Saari bowlside, a good weekend in Socal. F-Yes. Photos: ARTOFOTO.

Burnout: Sexocide

July 27th, 2012      Comments Off on Burnout: Sexocide    Posted in News

First stop on the Flip tour, the secret and diabolical Sexocide Ditch. CLICK HERE to see more photos.

Flip Demo Video @ The XC

July 14th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip Demo Video @ The XC    Posted in News

Luan Oliveira, Rune Glifberg, Tom Penny, Louie Lopez, Curren Caples and Ben Nordberg take to The XC for the 2012 Flip Skateboards demo.

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Catching Up With Geoff

June 25th, 2012      Comments Off on Catching Up With Geoff    Posted in News

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Flip “Couch Tour” Demo & Signing

June 7th, 2012      Comments Off on Flip “Couch Tour” Demo & Signing    Posted in News

The Flip Team is going to be at the Franklin Mills Mall in Philly Wednesday, June 20th. Free demo, signing, music and more! Everything starts at 12:00pm with the Zumiez Best Foot Forward contest. CLICK HERE for more event details.

Ben Nordberg Sidewalk Mag Interview

May 29th, 2012      Comments Off on Ben Nordberg Sidewalk Mag Interview    Posted in News

Sidewalk sat down with Ben to talk to him about filming for his new Flip video part, life on the road, getting kicked in the stomach, broken legs and how epic skateboarding is. Click Here to read on and enjoy…

Ben Nordberg Flip Video Part

May 29th, 2012      Comments Off on Ben Nordberg Flip Video Part    Posted in Productions

Welcome to the under-cover world of Ben Nordberg. Although Ben isn’t a stoner, you wouldn’t know if from his “lazy daze” style of skating. Prepare to be stylishly overwhelmed! Filmed by Russell Houghton, Ewan Bowman, Greg Hunt & Greg Poisionner. Edited by James Gardner.

Presented by Relentless Energy, Analog and Gravis.

Flip Signing & BBQ

May 21st, 2012      Comments Off on Flip Signing & BBQ    Posted in News

Thrasher Am Jam Contest

March 13th, 2012      Comments Off on Thrasher Am Jam Contest    Posted in News

If you’re gonna be in Austin, Texas Sunday March 18th make sure and go to the Thrasher Death Match Am Jam! Prizes Yes, Pros No!